Rug Cleaning


Step 1. we inspect and ID your rug that we are working with

  • We give each rug an ID tag so we know what customer it belongs to and how to treat it.

Step 2. Document Any Issues

  • We take pictures and document any problems, stains or damages for our personal records as well as for the customer.

Step 3. Dye transfer test

  • We do a dye transfer test to ensure we use the proper cleaning products.

Step 4. Vacuum Process

  • We vacuum the rugs with one of our powerful commercial vacuums to ensure all or most of the soil is removed before the cleaning process.

Step 5. Pre-spot Treatment

  • Each rug is treated and pre-spotted for stains. If there are any pet stains, we flush out and neutralize urine salts.

Step 6. Time to give the rugs a bath

  • In this step we submerge the rug in our custom made foam pit.

Step 7. CRB Counter Rotating Brush System

  • This machine ensures a good deep down cleaning.

Step 8. Hot Water Vacuum Rinse

  • We then perform a hot water rinse and then vacuum out soiled water.

Step 9. Quick Dry Process

  • rugs are then hung up on a racking system and large fans are placed near by to speed up the drying process.

Step 10. Optional protector applied

  • We offer an optional rug sealant protector to protect against future stains.

Step 11. Bag it up

  • Finally we package your rug for delivery or pick up.

Who To Call???

Give us a call today to get your expensive or not so expensive rugs deep cleaned. Call Us At 661-396-1866

Tile Cleaning

Restore Your Tile To It’s Original Look

Due to its durability and visual attraction, tile flooring is a common option for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms & the list goes on. While new tile flooring looks great, over time, the grout lines between tiles become dirty by absorbing water and liquid detergents from mopping. In fact, regular mopping can actually make grout lines look worse over time. This occurs because the mop water used to clean a floor will seep into grout lines and stay there. Without professional cleaning, your grout lines will continue to accumulate dirt and grime, discoloring the look of your entire tiled floor.

Homeowners often struggle to remove the dirt from their discolored grout lines. That’s why Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning. Our trained technicians use powerful extraction equipment to do what ordinary mopping cannot. Reliable technicians use advanced cleaning equipment that utilizes heat, cleaning solutions, pressurized water, and vacuums to loosen and remove embedded dirt.

How Do We Clean Your Tile?

Step 1 – Visual inspection. We will join you in the inspection to be sure that there are no damaged grout areas. We also test to see if you have sealant on your grout.

Step 2 – Pre-spray the tile and grout with a special solutions made to break down grease and oils.

Step 3 – Agitate the pre-spray in the grout with a grout brush–if necessary.

Step 4 – Rinse the pre-spray with high pressured, hot water through our truck mounted machine.

Step 5 – As we rinse away years of dirt and grime, our powerful truck-mount system extracts all soils and oils that have accumulated over the years.

Step 6 – After cleaning we can either seal or permanently re-color your


After Cleaning SEAL Your Tile & Grout

Vulnerability of Unsealed Grout & Why You Should Seal It

Common tile grout is a cement-based product that’s mixed into a spreadable paste with plain water. The cement content makes grout porous, which means liquids seep in if they’re not cleaned up right away. Liquids with color, such as fruit juice, tea and coffee, leave their color embedded in the grout once the liquid evaporates, resulting in deep-set stains. Grout sealers protect against stains by either coating or penetrating, and some guard against water infiltration. Although bleach can lighten some stains, it’s not a fail-safe method for keeping grout looking new. Oils also seep in, and removing those stains may require chipping out the old grout and replacing it.

To prevent grout discoloration and avoid the consistent need for professional cleaning, have your grout sealed. Grout sealant is transparent, meaning not only will it protect your grout lines, but it won’t affect the coloring, so your grout will continue to look great while being protected. Once grout sealant is applied, you’ll have a better time maintaining your grout lines in between cleanings. So get your tile and grout cleaning in Bakersfield or any of the surrounding cities in Kern County. Call today 661-396-1866

Why Choose Us

Reputation – Bakersfield’s most seasoned flooring professionals, interior designers, and realtors are always referring our services.

Experience – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning is familiar with unusual soiling conditions as well as experienced in all types of textiles and hard surfaces.

Education – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning technicians are certified by the IICRC, which is the world’s most recognized body of certification in our industry.

Systems – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning has the most advanced state of the art equipment and cleaning techniques that provide maximum soil removal from your tile and grout

Guarantee – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning has a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with the service experienced provided, Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation. If you are still not satisfied, we will issue the refund.

Carpet Cleaning

Staying Above Our Competitors

All carpet cleaning and rug cleaning companies are the same. The average carpet cleaning company uses only one or two steps to clean your carpet. Here at Reliable Carpet Cleaning, we use a minimum of 11 steps in our cleaning process to give you Maximum Soil and Spot Removal.But don’t just take our word for it, go to our Home page to hear what others have to say.

Our 11 Step Carpet Cleaning Process


  • Our technician will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet. He will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.


  • Dry soil is removed by thoroughly power vacuuming. Removing dry soil is one of the most vitally crucial steps in any cleaning process.


  • A preconditioning agent is applied to emulsify and break down traffic area soil and general spots for a more thorough cleaning.


  • Difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.Pre- Agitation

Pre- Agitation

  • A professional carpet rotary brush is used to further loosen the soil.

Soil Extraction and Rinse

  • The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed using a powerful extraction cleaning system to give you that thorough cleaning without over wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.


  • Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced afterwards so that there is no sticky residue left behind. This also leaves your carpet soft and fresh.

Post Spot

  • Any spots or stains still remaining will get extra treatment with our many specialty spotting solutions. For longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains, be sure to have professional carpet protector applied to your carpet.

Post Groom

  • our carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when we leave. Post grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and in the right position.

Speed Dry

  • High velocity air movers are placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying.

Post Cleaning Inspection

  • Our technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.


With two decades of experience in state-of-the-art carpet cleaning, Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning in

Bakersfield and Delano is more than qualified to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service

available. Today, we know that our success as the best carpet cleaning provider in Kern is based on a few

solid principles that we whole heartedly stand by:

Consistent, quality carpet care experiences

guaranteed customer satisfaction

Innovative state-of-the-art Equipment

The best products on the market

Quick to respond and of good reputation

Highly-trained uniformed professional technicians

There are many reasons why Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning provides the best Carpet cleaning service in the business. We offer our exclusive hot-water extraction method. We inject hot, soft water and our professional cleaning solution into your carpet. We then use a rotary machine to deep clean the carpet, or our wand to loosen and lifts the dirt and soil from the carpet. And, drying time is faster since 95 percent of the moisture is extracted back out of the carpet. That means no leftover soapy residue.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing and misleading information out there. Do some research. A good place to start is the carpet manufacturers themselves.

Most manufacturers – including Shaw Industries, the leading manufacturer of carpet in the world recommend the hot water extraction method. Reliable Carpet specializes in this highly effective technique of hot water extraction and has used it as the primary method of carpet cleaning in thousands of homes across Bakersfield and the surrounding areas.

But we go one step further…you’ll also get a few extras to ensure your carpet dries fast. We’ve found that the hot water extraction method allows carpet to dry quickly resulting in cleaner carpets and happier clients. That’s what we specialize in.


We use a special system to give your carpets the deepest clean possible! A special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt. We then use a rotary machine to agitate and open fibers. This allows us to spray our solution all the way through the fibers to give you that deep down clean.

For a visual on our Deep Clean method take a look at our videos.


Do I need to vacuum before the crew arrives?

A light vacuuming in the traffic areas is recommended but not required. If needed, the crew can pre-vacuum the area to be cleaned. Also, the equipment is vacuuming the entire time we are cleaning.

What do you consider as an area?

Typically, an area is a room that is up to 250 square feet. Living room/dining room combos are considered two areas. Any area over 250 square feet is priced as two areas. Non-standard areas (baths, halls, landings, walk-in-closets, etc.) are priced separately from the standard areas, usually at a lesser price. Please know that these room sizes may vary by location.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

On average, it will take approximately 20 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Dry time is affected by humidity, temperature and air flow to the area. It can take anywhere between 2-8 hours for the carpet to completely dry, depending on the aforementioned variables. Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning or heating system on, depending on the time of year, can help accelerate drying time. Be sure to leave the protective blocks under furniture legs and any paper used with upholstered items in place until the carpet and/or furniture is completely dry to avoid any color transfer. You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes, as they may re-soil your carpet. We suggest wearing clean rubber soled shoes. Be especially careful when walking from damp, carpeted areas on to non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.

I have heard that cleaning my carpet makes it soil faster. Is this true?

The problem results from residues being left in the carpet which attract dirt. Usually this is caused by the use of soap in the cleaning process that hasn’t been rinsed out completely. Our specially formulated solution and hot water extraction cleaning process leaves little to no residue behind to attract dirt.

I have had my carpet cleaned, but the spots have reappeared. What should I do?

Although most spots that are removed from carpet do not reappear, some substances in carpet backing may wick to the surface after cleaning. If this happens, please contact Reliable Carpet at 661-396-1866 as soon as possible.

Why do your prices vary from other carpet cleaners?

When comparing prices, make sure you ask a lot of questions and please keep a few things in mind. Our price includes treating for spots, 12 steep process, and a 10-day 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. There are no hidden fees or additional charges. Also, we never sub-contact, so our technicians are always background checked, drug tested and properly trained Reliable Carpet technicians. This is what allows us to stand behind all of our work.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We are happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise. In some cases this can mean spot cleaning specific areas of concern or even completely re-cleaning the area in question. In the end, we’re not satisfied until you are.

Why should I have a protector applied to my cleaned carpets?

As the finishing touch to your thoroughly cleaned carpet and/or upholstery, specially formulated protector can be professionally applied. These products help carpet and upholstery resist soiling from dry dirt, water- and oil-based spills by wrapping each fiber in a protective coating. This extra layer gives you more time to clean up spots and spills before they soak into the fibers, helping you keep your carpet and upholstery looking its best between professional cleanings. Plus, it makes vacuuming and cleaning up spots easier.

How does your deodorizer work to remove odors?

Reliable Carpet uses a special solution bacterial enzyme to digest organic odor sources such as vomit, feces, urine, milk, blood, etc. This product removes organic odors that it contacts. It also uses a neutralizer to give immediate relief from any odors while the enzyme is working. The key to complete removal of an odor is that this product must reach all contaminated surfaces. If the odor causing source has penetrated the backing and possibly the padding we cannot guarantee complete removal of the odor.