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Rug Cleaning
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Rug Cleaning

First we inspect the rug closely, measuring and inspecting for spots, stains, burns or even holes. We perform pH and dye transfer tests to ensure that we do not cause damage to your rug in the process of cleaning it. We then vacuum the rug with one of our commercial vacuums to en


Step 1. we inspect and ID your rug that we are working with

  • We give each rug an ID tag so we know what customer it belongs to and how to treat it.

Step 2. Document Any Issues

  • We take pictures and document any problems, stains or damages for our personal records as well as for the customer.

Step 3. Dye transfer test

  • We do a dye transfer test to ensure we use the proper cleaning products.

Step 4. Vacuum Process

  • We vacuum the rugs with one of our powerful commercial vacuums to ensure all or most of the soil is removed before the cleaning process.

Step 5. Pre-spot Treatment

  • Each rug is treated and pre-spotted for stains. If there are any pet stains, we flush out and neutralize urine salts.

Step 6. Time to give the rugs a bath

  • In this step we submerge the rug in our custom made foam pit.

Step 7. CRB Counter Rotating Brush System

  • This machine ensures a good deep down cleaning.

Step 8. Hot Water Vacuum Rinse

  • We then perform a hot water rinse and then vacuum out soiled water.

Step 9. Quick Dry Process

  • rugs are then hung up on a racking system and large fans are placed near by to speed up the drying process.

Step 10. Optional protector applied

  • We offer an optional rug sealant protector to protect against future stains.

Step 11. Bag it up

  • Finally we package your rug for delivery or pick up.

Who To Call???

Give us a call today to get your expensive or not so expensive rugs deep cleaned. Call Us At 661-396-1866